How do I place an order with Sweet Cravings?

To place an order for a celebration cake order, enquiries/orders are via our website. To enquire/order our cupcakes, cinnamon scrolls etc, please send through an enquiry via facebook and we will get back to you as soon as we can however this can take up to 24 hours or phone/text 0400335345 and please leave a message so we can get back to you.

Office hours are 8am to 5pm, we may on occasions reply out of these hours or you will hear from us in Office hours.


Do you have a shop front that I can visit?

We do not have a shop front for Sweet Cravings. We will be attending the Troppo markets at Mount Pleasant shopping centre every second Sunday of each month, where you can find us with our range of cupcake flavours, sweets which you can purchase. We will add new sweets to our ever growing list of sweets that we currently have and are open to suggestions on your flavour ideas. Come and say hi! We are located at site C2 & C3.

We will also be attending other markets and events in the Mackay region, you can check where by following our facebook page or check our markets section.

You can also place an order with us via facebook, the phone or contact us via our contact page. *Conditions apply


We do supply numerous cafes in the Mackay region. You can find a selection of our sweets at LAVA CART Mount Pleasant Shopping Centre, THE FLORIST FOURWAYS (was Starcut Flowers) on Nebo Road, 

THE BOTANICAL GARDENS CAFE (minis for high teas) and on occasions there will be a cafe that we will supply now and then just check our Facebook page to find out where. 



We are NOT gluten free or nut free. Our baking products can contain coconut, peanuts, almonds and gluten. If you have any allergies to certain foods please let us know at the time of ordering to see if any of our baking products possibly contain the ingredient. We do not want to cross contaminate and cause harm. 

Are you nut free?

Sorry, we are NOT nut free, as I am fully aware the allergic reactions that people can seriously have.

We do not want to cross contaminate and cause harm. 

Are your cupcakes and sweets vegan/plant based friendly?

YES they are. We cater for dairy, egg, gelatine and honey free customers.

Do you make Wedding cakes and Birthday cakes? 

Currently, NO we do not make Wedding cakes. We do have a numerous Celebration cakes available that you can order from our menu. We are open to suggestions of cakes that you would like for your celebration.

 If you have a cake design in mind please let us know.

How far ahead of time do I need to place my order?

Currently a minimum of 72 hours prior to a small order & the complexity of your order you may require a few weeks in advance and depending on our availability due to the number of other orders placed. However, there are times that you may require to order at short notice. In this case please send us an enquiry and we will check to see if we are booked out or not. 

Once picked up or delivery has occurred, how do I store my cupcakes/sweets/cakes? 

 We would recommend you pop them into your fridge as soon as you return home from picking up your cupcakes/sweets/cakes or once delivered. The fridge helps to retain the moisture as well as stopping the buttercream from melting in humid weather. Plant based cupcakes can be kept in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5-7 days. You also have the choice to freeze our buttercream cupcakes/tray cakes (slice up for easy access , if needed).

It is always best to remove cupcakes/tray cakes/sweets from freezer or fridge at least several hours

before you need to eat them. 

Meringue and Marshmallow Cupcakes are best eaten on the day of purchase or the following day, not for freezing. Meringue Lollipops and Kisses​ need to be stored in an air tight container. Meringues are prone to becoming sticky due to the moisture in the air. 

Iced Donuts are always best eaten on the day of baking or the next day. As they are more of a bread based product they can firm up, as many of you would know from purchasing other donuts. You can refresh them in the microwave but in 10 second bursts as the icing will melt. Freeze them as well but refresh in microwave.

Cinnamon Sugar Donuts best eaten on the same day of purchase as the sugar gets absorbed and tends to succumb to humidity. 

Cinnamon Scrolls are delicious to eat on the day of baking, however scrolls can be refreshed by placing them in the microwave and reheated in 10 second bursts.

So you can freeze these bundles of yumminess and refresh in the microwave.


Your cake/cupcakes will come in a box.  Place on the floor/foot hole area of the car not on the seat in case you need to slam on your brakes and we do not want your cake flying through the car. If you have any non-slip matting that will also help with the box from sliding around. Do not leave in a hot car or directly in the sunlight. You can place in the boot area of the car as it is a flat area. (however, you need to make sure it does not slide around) Always drive slowly and take corners carefully. It is also always good to have a helper/another person with transporting your cakes safely, especially if the above options are not available for placing your cake. If possible leave in the fridge until you need the cake or cupcakes just as it will help your buttercream cake to stay in it's shape due to our humid climate. Safe travels. 


Do you offer delivery?

When placing your order please let us know of your delivery requirements and we can discuss if we are available on that day to deliver. A delivery fee is applied to your order.  

Most orders can be picked up from Glenella, Mackay. 

If you were unable to find your answer here please go to our contact us page and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Usually within 48 hours. 

Cancellation / COVID Policy

The 50% deposit that was paid to secure your booking date is non-refundable if you cancel or change your mind.

If COVID is the reason for the cancellation, due to government changes then your 50% deposit / and any payments will be credited to go towards an order for a later date. If I have had to order any personalised cake toppers, these are 100% non- refundable if they have already been made. Thankyou 

**DISCLAIMER - Here at Sweet Cravings we do our absolute best to avoid any animal derived products. However, we can NOT guarantee where the ingredients are grown and products are manufactured. Some products may be manufactured in the same place as non-plant based  products. We also look at the E numbers for our sprinkles, colours, flavors and do our best to avoid any products that are derived from shellac (resin from a lac bug), cochineal (red food dye from a beetle)  etc. If you are aware of something that we maybe using that may possibly be animal derived please contact us and we will look into it. Prices can change without notice


FOR example - dropping the cake/sweets, leaving the cake/sweets sitting in a hot car, in direct sunlight, knocking the cake over by accident, slamming on the brakes, the kids took a handful out of the cake, not picking the cake up from under the cake board but from the sides of the box (squashing the cake). If you have any questions please talk to us in regards to taking care of your cake/sweets or if you require repair to your cake (if possible) for an extra fee, we will try to help** 

Here at SWEET CRAVINGS we love our customers and are here to help, if possible