pricing varies 

 Sizes - Width 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch 10inch                

Depending on the cake you may be able to choose between different fillings between the cake layers.

Either - buttercream (flavoured or not), cream cheese, lemon curd, jam or ganache.

Just check with us or you will receive buttercream in between the layers.

**PAYMENT FOR CAKES is a non-refundable 50% to secure the date & full amount is due 7 days prior to pickup day.

Any changes to the cake MUST be made prior to final payment.

If changes are asked after the 7 days, further fees will be applied and these fees will be required prior to collecting if changes are possible at such short notice.

Payment can be made via OSKO bank transfer (instant payment), Cash or Credit card 

We have added a few of the cakes we have made to give you some ideas so you can choose from any of designs or maybe you have an idea of your own

Please if you have any food allergies please let us know, so we can check if any of our products contain that ingredient. 

We are NOT nut free


**FOR OVER 18s if bottles of alcohol are required, ID may be required**


Caramel Drip 

This cake is a 4 layer barrel cake with your choice of either chocolate or vanilla cake. It is a buttercream and fondant covered cake. A edible printed image to suit your choice of cake specifications.eg: JD, Rum etc, Ice cubes that are edible (not real ice cubes) The alcohol bottles can be purchased separate (you purchase) from the cake and I will place on top or you can. Cake comes on a cake board that suits your colour choice and the cake will packed in a box that suits the sizing.

This is an 8 inch cake that has stabilisers within the cake for extra stability (many cakes that have height have them). 


  • image is an 8 inch vanilla cake

  • 3 layers

  • caramel drip

  • caramel popcorn

  • chocolate coated pretzels

  • caramel buttercream

  • flower is optional

  • oreo can be added instead of macarons

  • The serving board the cake will come on and the box the cake will ​be placed in

             **MADE TO ORDER**


FISH BOWL - Baby Shark

  • 3 tier

  • 3 layer base cake

  • top tier is styrofoam covered with buttercream

  • Choice of either vanilla or chocolate cake

  • Choose your colours for fondant waves and buttercream.

  • Your choice of flavour buttercream image is strawberry   

  • all figurines are all made with fondant

  • edible images if required

  • plastic fish bowl with robotic fish & seaweed

  • The serving board the cake will come on and the box the cake will ​be placed in

           **This cake will need to be assembled at the celebration prior to party, we can do this for you or you can choose to do this yourself. A delivery/setup fee will apply**

                       **MADE TO ORDER**

If you have an idea for a cake which is similar please discuss it with us**


  • Biscoff 8 inch - serves up to 24 (use guide for cutting)

  • 3 layers 

  • Option of vanilla or chocolate cake

  • Biscoff buttercream Icing

  • Biscoff Drip

  • Biscoff crumb topping and sides

  • Biscoff biscuits can be added to the top similar style to our Cookies and Cream Cake if you like.(biscuits are best added just before serving)

  • The serving board the cake will come on and the box the cake will ​be placed in

What is Biscoff you may ask, well it is delicate shortbread cookie with a

a little spice and a deep caramel flavor. Delicious.

                       **MADE TO ORDER**

  • Oreo 8 inch - serves up to 24 (use guide for cutting)

  • 3 layers 

  • Option of vanilla or chocolate cake

  • Oreo Biscuit infused buttercream Icing

  • Chocolate Drip

  • Oreo crumb topping and sides

  • Oreo biscuits on top (biscuits are best added just before serving)

  • The serving board the cake will come on and the box the cake will ​be placed in

                        **MADE TO ORDER**

The Hippie Cake
  • naked with flowers

  • Buttercream frosting

  • your choice of flowers - fake or fresh

  • your choose of fruit - strawberries, blueberries, oranges or figs for example

  • 3 layers or 4 layers

  • this cake is not fully covered with buttercream. In between the layers there is buttercream

  • The serving board the cake will come on and the box the cake will ​be placed in

                        **MADE TO ORDER**

 **Price will vary depending on your flowers, fruits**



Floral Cake with Gold Drip


21st Birthday Cake 

Alcohol -18 years and over 


Fruit & Floral 8inch 3 layers

2 Tier 3 layer cake 


Lion Cake with Cupcakes as mane

Baby Yoda


Floral 8 inch 3 layers

Sunflower 4 inch 3 layers


Caramel with Pretzels


Hippie Cake




Carrot and Walnuts



Fruit and Floral 
Smash Cake.jpg

If you have a cake design that you would like us to create, please send an enquiry/photos and we will get back to you in office hours 8am - 6pm Monday to Saturday. 

Please book in asap as we do get booked out. 

Thankyou for supporting our small business


Naked Cake 

A 3 layer cake with a thin layer of buttercream to create the naked cake look. We can add flowers of your choosing. I do have a few varieties of fake flowers available for purchasing if required. You can choose to purchase your own flowers and drop off to then be placed on the cake, if preferred. Choose between a chocolate or vanilla cake. Choose your buttercream colour or colours.